Past Highlights


smile on all facesOn Friday 21. 8. 2009, we got up a little earlier as usual and instead of going to the work we went to west Austria for a three-days-long show-marathon. On the occasion of the 100. aniversary of the foundation of the Austrian Kennel Club (ÖKV) proceeded in Wels three CACIB shows during whis time were given two interesting titles Middle-East European Winner and Centennial Winner. And altough we expected more entered Tibetan Terriers we can say the quality bet the quantity and the look into the catalogue on the names of the judges and of the showed dogs promised interesting international encounters. It was so during all three days and that is why are we so very pleased about the show-results of our Bhoomi and her daughter Ardin. Bouth of them won in this weekend some marvelous titles:
Bhoomi and her weekend-successesBhoomi:
Friday: Exc. 1, CAC, CACIB

Bhoomi fulfilled the conditions for the Interchampion!!!

Saturday: Exc. 2, res. CAC (we didn't enter for res. CACIB competition)
Sunday: V1, CAC, CACIB, Centennial Winner!!!
Ardin and her weekend-successesArdin (JCh. Khyi-Mi Ardin Lamleh) went even better and in all three days she won the Youth class:
Friday: V1, Jugendbester
Saturday: V1, Jugendbester, Middle-East European Junior Winner!!!
Sunday: V1, Jugendbester, Centennial Junior Winner!!! - fulfilled the conditions for the Juniorchampion of Austria!!! Congratulations for these famous successes to the owners of Ardinka - Miska and Tonko Bolgac.
Ardin and BhoomiWe had a perfect time not only on the shows where we enjoyed the kind international company and plenty of the booths with everything (we found a few smallness we "urgently needed"), but on the evenings too, when we celebrated the everydays biggies with Bolgacs in the pubs of Cesky Krumlov where we found accommodations.
You can see the pictures from the shows in our Picasa Album and the complete show-results of our Bhoomi can you see under Shows.

Bhoomi - Best In Group

17. 5. 2009 Bhoomi was very successful on International Dog Show in Budapest! She won under Mrs. Vija Klucniece (LV) beautifuly klassification V1, CAC, CACIB and BOB! With the juniorhandler Angelika Bobrikova under Mr. David R. Miller (USA) they won 1. place in juniorhandling! And she ended her amazing day in Hungary with the win of the 9. Group FCI under Mrs. Chantal Méry (F)

!!!Our first BEST IN GROUP!!!

Khyi-Mi Tibetan Terrier


preparing of Aryan Nuki is ready We enjoyed a big show-pleasure and pride on 2. 11. 2008 in Nitra, where two of our puppies had their debut - Nuki (Khyi-Mi Anandi Lamleh) and Aryan (Khyi-Mi Aryan Lamleh). Both puppies did very well so as their owners and they got the best note Very promissing from the Puppy class. We was happy with Bhoomi too, she won under Mr. Robert Kanas the open class and then the CACIB-battle. With the classification Excellent 1, CAC, CACIB

Bhoomi fulfilled the conditions for the title Champion of Slovakia!

The day continued in the final-ring. In the competition of many very promissing puppies of the show, our Aryan was very succesfull and became the Res. Best Puppy In Show. Many congratulations to Aryan, Nuki and their families.

Khyi-Mi Aryan Lamleh on move Khyi-Mi Anandi Lamleh on move the new champion Bhoomi succesful family Khyi-Mi

Khyi-Mi Tibetan Terrier

10. - 12. 10. 2008 We organized our first puppy-meeting from the litter Khyi-Mi "A" in Sulov. All puppies came, we all was really happy with the family-company. More pictures can you see under puppy-meeting. mother Bhoomi daughter Anandi daughter Ardin son Aryan son Avatar son Anshu

Khyi-Mi Tibetan Terrier

Bhoomi mama a dcéra ovenčené úspechmi 25. 8. 2008 On weekend 16. - 17. 8. we was with friends Schambala, Sengge and Legs-Smon on dog-shows in Bratislava. Bhoomi evidently missed the showing and she showed herself beautifull on both show-days. On Saturday was the judge for Tibetan Terriers the President of Romanian Kennel Club, Mr. Christian Stefanescu (RO) and he judged Bhoomi as Excellent 1, CAC, res. CACIB. We was very glad on Sunday too, the Tibetan Terriers were judged by Mr. Miroslav Guniš (SK), who is judge for TT's more as 10 years and he placed Bhoomi in the open class also on first place with Excellent 1, CAC. We are very satisfied with the weekend. Many thanks to both judges.
The mother of Bhoomi, Sannynka (Mocowodos X-Model Xanthia), did well too, she won CACIB and fulfilled the conditions for Slowakian Grand-champion!!! Congratulations!

Khyi-Mi Tibetan Terrier


In the shadow with new friends Bhoomi shows herself befor going into the ring 3. 8. 2008 Bhoomi is back in the show-rings! The dog-show in Zakopane (PL) was great relax after months with care about our pupies and it was very nice return among exhibitors. Bhoominka enjoyed showing herself and won great Excellent 1, CWC, Best bitch of breed, BOB!

Khyi-Mi Tibetan Terrier

2 days young tibet girl 2 days young tibet puppies6. 5. 2008 After 61 days waiting our first puppies are born. We have 3 boys and 2 girls. The parents of this litter - as Bhoomi so Diesel are typical healthy breed-representatives and that confirm the passed-out health-tests and also the excellent results on dog shows. More informations and photos from our first litter can you find under Litter A.

Khyi-Mi Tibetan Terrier

19. 4. 2008 Bhoomi is already 5 weeks pregnant. She enjoys her little secret as good as the beautiful spring days. Our friend Laco took the 'longer glas' for a walk and made a lot of nice pictures:
I am not a sugar-dog! a pregnant fairy everyday more vigilant Where are you, little mouse? This is my human! It is warm
Khyi-Mi Tibetan Terrier

9. 1. 2008 We have our FCI kennel name! "Khyi-Mi" are two Tibetan words witch means Dog-Human.
Khyi-Mi Tibetan Terrier


Bhoomi on the praxis at Policy Department of Prague Bhoomi Lamleh Schambala 25.11.2007 We have great news! Our Bhoomi had her eye-test and the results are perfect: her eyes are absolutely clear and she has also PRA, LL-OK!
On 17. - of November 2007 we were in Prague. Bhoomi took a walk with us in the historical centre. She was prepared for the show so she was wearing her jacket. And the reflex colour of her overall changed her to a police-dog for a while. Next day at the International Dog Show in Prag she showed herself very well and she won exc. 1, CAC and res. CACIB.

Khyi-Mi Tibetan Terrier

Bhoomi Lamleh Schambala Bhoomi on Springdanube Bratislava 13. 5. 2007 Bhoomi won her class on International Dog Show Springdanube in Bratislava. Mr. Miroslav Guniš (SK) rated her on first place with exc. 1, CAJC and Bhoominka fulfilled with this the conditions for the title Slovak Juniorchampion. She makes us very happy!!!

Bhoomi and Sanna at InchebeBhoomiAt the show was even more successfull the mother of Bhoomi - Sanna, she won exc. 1, CAC, CACIB, BOB! Congratulations to Bara And Martin. After the show we used the area of Incheba for a few pictures and a game in the green.

Khyi-Mi Tibetan Terrier 

Bhoomi on CAC Banská Bystrica Bhoomi on CAC Banská Bystrica 6. 5. 2007
We showed Bhoomi in rainy day in Banska Bystrica.
The wather was could and wet and Bhoomi was running in the wet grass not on 100%. But she was pretty standing and Mr. Robert Kanas (SK) rated her on first place from three young females with exc. 1, CAJC.

Khyi-Mi Tibetan Terrier
Bhoomi Bhoomi 26.4.2007 at 5:47 a.m., our beloved Bhoomi is one year old. She makes our days beautiful with her charme and vitality and with her obedience and fawn she obtains love of our friends. Bhoomi, happy Birthday and stay as you are! I wish you to be so happy with us like we are with you!
Khyi-Mi Tibetan Terrier

Ba-Lu, Bon-ri and Bhoomi Lamleh SchambalaExc. 1, CAJC Bhoomi Lamleh Schambala11. 2. 2007 Bhoomi met her brothers Ba-Lu and Bon-ri in Brno. So as a puppy at the breeder she showed them very quickly, how fresh they can be to her and she observ them very carrefully at the photoshooting too.
Bhoomi and Bonri have been showed in Brno and in the relative plentifull competition they get from the judge Mrs. Alena Košťálová in their class the victory. So Bhoomi get her fisrt CAJC!
Khyi-Mi Tibetan Terrier


Bhoomi - Best In Show dorast sukyBhoomi - Best In Show dorast sukyAt 5. 11. 2006 did us Bhoomi a great pleasure! On International Dog Show in Nitra (Slovakia) she won all that she was able to won. First her class with Very perspective 1 from Mrs. Libuše Ubrová (CZ) and then in the final Mr. Miroslav Guniš (SK) choosed her for the first place!!! Best In Show Female Puppy became Bhoomi Lamleh Schambala! We enjoyed it for the first time and we wish this pleasure to everyone! It ist fantastic! Here the video cut from Bhoomi's victory in Nitra.

Vitaj, maličká! 20. 6. 2006 The girl Bhoomi Lamleh Schambala is from today in our home. We hope, she will be happy. Bara, Martin, thank you for all!!
14. 3. 2006 Our dear Arien won her last title. We report sorrow but with pride, that
JCh. Arien Lamleh Schambala
was in Slovakia
Khyi-Mi Tibetan Terrier


We have had a  wonderfull weekend in the company of TT's and their friends! There was two International Dog Shows at this weekend in Bratislava. On Saturday 20. 8. 2005 the show took many time and the TT's came as the last into the ring at two p. m. The judge Mr. Erwin Deutscher /A/ was well disposed and he judged TT's nice and with smile. Arien enjoyed the showing and she won in the intermediate class an EXC. 1, CAC, and she fulfilled with this all the conditions for the title
Best Of Breed Arien Lamleh Schambala
20. 7. 2005
The summer vakation ended with a show-weekend. Arien was very happy after two weeks in the weekend house and maybe for first time she enjoyed the dog shows. We showed her in the East Slovakia in Košice. On Saturday 16. 7. 2005 at Terrier Specialty judged Mr. Róbert Kanás, who liked her alredy on May. She won all what she could and becam EXC 1, CC, Winner of the Specialty Show, BOB.
The triumphal march continued on Sunday 17. 7. 2005 under trees at National CAC Dog Show in the beautiful park with lakes in Košice-Barca, where Arien got from Mr. Miroslav Guniš EXC 1, CAJC. There she meet brother Jimi, who exceled this time in movement and in stand too and becam wonderful result EXC 1, CAJC, BOB and between best young dogs he got into the narrower selection. All the best Wisches to Jimi and Niebauers and we look happy forward to the next common show.
15mesiacov.gif(17 kb) ebony_and_ivory.gif(15 kb) gunis.gif(17 kb) s_libuskou.gif(18 kb) medailisti.gif(19 kb)
Khyi-Mi Tibetan Terrier


vianoce_veniec.jpg(27 kb)
29. 12. 2004

Arien enjoyed Christmas really fully. She was like an angel at first and when we leave her home alone, she did an inventory on the Christmas table, she choosed a handful chocolate bonbons, a pack of wafer and finaly she poured herself with honey. She crowned the Christmas unplanned in bath. :o)))
nitra.jpg(98 kb)
7. 11. 2004

Arien made us very proud on her first dog show (CACIB NITRACANIS / SK)! She didn't want to run in the ring, but she did show herself very pretty in the show-position and the judge Miroslav Guniš / SK rated her with
arien_jimi.jpg(92 kb)
1. 4. 2004 Arien Lamleh Schambala was born as the seventh from eight puppies.